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Imagine waking up this morning and going to school or work with no shoes.  As you leave the house, your tender feet encounter sharp stones and depris, making your feet vulnerable to infection. 

Because your feet are your only mode of transportation, you must walk miles to your destination on either scorching hot sand or frigid terrain, forever mindful that if your feet become injured or diseased, you could suffer amputation or even death. 

The need in communites within the United States is different, yet  profound as well. For many children, their families simply can't afford to purchase them proper fitting shoes and they are often wearing shoes several sizes too small or large and have lost all intergrity.

For 300 hundred million children around the world, this disheartening image is their daily reality.

At Samaritan’s Feet we are dedicated to improving children's lives one pair of shoes at a time.  Our goal is to provide shoes to 10 million children in the next 10 years.  In the process of providing them new shoes and socks, we will also wash their feet and share with them love and hope for their future.

We need you to make this happen! Will you help us be the voice of those who have no voice?For as little as $10.00 you can impact a child anywhere in the world by providing them with a new pair of proper fitting athletic shoes, socks and most importantly, a message of hope and compassion.

Please join us in our mission by creating an individual webpage and send it out to your friends and family and invite them to donate. Help us bring new shoes, hope and love into the lives of children!



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